Car Insurance Agents

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Car Insurance Agents

Car insurance agents are natural or legal persons within a certain region who mediate insurance contracts on behalf and on behalf of insurance companies or who make it their profession to carry them out on behalf of insurance companies.

Car insurance, which is a motor vehicle insurance, ensures that the vehicle owner and the vehicle that take out the insurance are covered for the damages that may be incurred. The car owner who takes out car insurance secures himself and his vehicle against damages that he may encounter in traffic. The purpose of car insurance is; to compensate the insurance owner for the damages that may be incurred by the motor vehicle.

Car insurance is not a type of insurance that is required by law. It is at the disposal of the vehicle owners whether to have insurance or not. However, considering the possible risks that may be encountered in traffic, car insurance is of great importance thanks to the guarantees it offers for vehicles and vehicle owners. In addition, special insurance plans can be created by providing flexibility in the choice of car insurance to vehicle owners who are offered additional coverage.

Car insurance agents, with people who want to get insurance;

  • negotiating on behalf of the insurance company,
  • to issue policies within the framework of their powers,
  • to provide various consultancy services to the  insured
  • and where they are authorized , pay damages up to a certain rate

engage in activities such as ur.

Car Insurance Agencies

In addition, car insurance agents provide services within the contracts they make with the insurance companies they are affiliated with. If the agents are affiliated with the insurance companies, they promote the products of those companies, market and sell them. It provides assurance to users who want to have insurance in the type of insurance requested by the user through insurance companies.

In general, the guarantees that car insurance agents can give are; traffic insurance, auto insurance, property, damage insurance.

In addition to all these, car insurance agencies provide measures  against the negativities that may be experienced in all areas of life such as theft and transportation.

Agents inform the authorities about the insurance companies they are affiliated with and the rights granted to them by these companies to the persons who want to make contracts or publish them on their internet pages.

Characteristics of Car Insurance Agencies

  • Agents can be legal or natural persons.
  • Insurance agents cannot show themselves as the insurance producing company, they only deliver the policies of the insurance companies they have contracted to the users.
  • The insurance agency is not an insurance company, it is the representative organization that promotes, markets and receives instructions from the organization to which it is affiliated.
  • Insurance agents assume the intervening task both on behalf of the insurer and on behalf of the insured.
  • Agency authority is granted by insurance companies and this authority is provided by a special power of attorney. These powers are inalienable powers.
  • In the authorized power of attorneys, it is stated in which insurance branches the agent will operate and the scope of the insurance branches. Power of attorneys shall be registered and announced in the procedural office.

What Are the Differences Between Insurance Agencies and Insurance Brokers?

  • The most important difference between insurance agents and insurance brokers is that insurance agents provide consultancy services on behalf  of insurance companies and insurance brokers provide consultancy services on behalf of the insured.
  • While insurance agents sell the existing products of the insurance company they are affiliated with, insurance brokers do not work with a specific insurance company but receive offers from insurance companies on behalf of their customers.
  • While insurance agents only work on behalf of the insurance companies they have contracted, insurance brokers can work with the insurance company they want.
  • While insurance agents are limited to selling the products of the insurance company they have contracted, insurance brokers can serve their customers with the products of all insurance companies.

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