Does insurance cover therapy?

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Does insurance cover therapy?

Does insurance cover therapy? Insurance; It is a type of insurance that guarantees the health services that you can benefit from under the agreement and covers the expenses of the health service that requires diagnosis and therapy for problems that may arise as a result of an unexpected illness or accident.

You can get service under better conditions in hospitals determined by insurance, which can be made optionally. When it comes to health, we all want to be in therapy in hospitals with the best doctors and the best equipment, as it is an area that cannot be neglected.

Does insurance cover therapy?

Considering the fact that health problems can arise suddenly, private health insurance, which is a way of securing our future, not only alleviates our health but also the additional financial burden that may occur.

Namely, when you want to have an MRI done in institutions that have an agreement with the insurance, you can make an appointment for weeks later. In such cases, in order not to take risks, we prefer to apply to private hospitals where there is no queue problem and we have to pay an additional fee for the procedures we have done here. However, considering the fee paid for private health insurance, it enables us to benefit from it with a lower budget compared to the extra costs that may arise as a result of the health service that we may need to receive during the year.

What does inpatient therapy cover?

  • Inpatient therapies with or without any surgical intervention (surgery)
  • Limb and reconstructive prostheses within limits
  • Medical supplies to be used during the surgery (platinum, pacemaker)
  • Dental therapy expenses incurred after a traffic accident
  • Intensive care expenses
  • Overseas therapy coverage
  • Examination and examination expenses after chemotherapy and radiotherapy procedures
  • Ambulance service
  • The therapy plan for home care
  • Postoperative physical therapy applications
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy and birth coverage

What does outpatient therapy cover in insurance?

Outpatient therapy; It includes interventions that do not require hospitalization for 24 hours or more in the health institution you apply for therapy in case of any illness. The services included in outpatient therapy are as follows:

  • Your doctor’s examination, diagnosis and therapy in line with your complaint
  • The drug to be used in the therapy recommended after the diagnosis of your disease
  • Analysis and X-ray requested by the doctor for diagnosis
  • Use of modern diagnostic devices such as MRI, tomography and scintigraphy
  • Includes costs that may arise with the physical therapy process.

Except for the services specified within the scope of outpatient and inpatient therapy, depending on the policy width; Options such as dental package, eye examination, dietitian and check-up are among the health services that can be benefited under insurance cover.

Does insurance cover therapy for anxiety?

A policy was created within the scope of private health insurance for anxiety therapy and other mental health checks. Depending on the content of the campaigns and insurance branches determined for the insurance policy, “Does insurance cover therapy for anxiety?” Answers to the question vary. Long-term health insurance contracts can be prepared by determining the appropriate policies among the private health insurance campaigns prepared by different insurance companies and offered to users.

Psychiatric services received from contracted clinics and private hospitals within the scope of private health insurance will be provided free of charge to the insured. Psychiatric services included in different insurance branches will vary depending on the campaign and policy conditions determined by the insurance companies.

Among the policies prepared within the scope of complementary health insurance, optional psychiatric services are provided free of charge in contracted health institutions. Psychiatry and various psychological support, which are among the preferred health services, are offered in health institutions that have agreements with insurance companies.

Depending on the different campaign contents, the number of psychiatry sessions that can be taken and the details of the application can be determined by the insurance company. It will be sufficient to ensure the continuity of the annual insurance policies in order to receive free psychiatric services and to attend the desired amount of sessions. In order to get private health insurance psychiatry sessions, it is sufficient to apply to the health institutions and clinics specified under the policy.

Situations Where Insurance Covers Anxiety Therapy

There are many anxiety sufferers who wonder if the insurance covers the therapy for anxiety. The online health consultancy service included in some insurance covers both the process and the number of branches and the variety of doctor options. Especially if you are an insured who has a health policy such as complementary health insurance, you can meet with specialist doctors from many different branches, from anxiety therapy to depression, from pediatrics to gynecological diseases, from ear nose and throat diseases to orthopedics and dermatology, including foreign languages.

In some complementary health insurance coverages that also offer online video calls with specialist doctors in their fields, the insured can also get opinions about healthy nutrition, create a diet program, and get support on issues such as weight loss with expert dietitians. On the other hand, in complementary health insurance packages that also offer online video calls to policyholders with psychologists, you have the opportunity to receive support on a wide range of issues such as anxiety disorders, depression, social phobias and panic attacks.

Does insurance cover physical therapy?

Health problems that you may encounter at every stage of your life can cause you to wear out both financially and morally. Private health insurance, which comes into play at this point and is an important basis for all your health expenses, allows you to be treated in private hospitals. There may be some confusion when it comes to private insurances that offer a very comprehensive health package thanks to their main and additional coverage. It is wondered which expenses are included in the private health insurance, and whether physical therapy and rehabilitation services are covered by the insurance.

Many people who want to take out private health insurance or supplementary health insurance are wondering whether physical therapy and rehabilitation therapy are among the coverages. In both health insurances, physical therapy and rehabilitation therapy expenses are covered within the scope of inpatient therapy coverage. However, each insurance company determines a certain number of sessions and limits for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Provided that you do not exceed these limits, you can benefit from physical therapy and rehabilitation therapy without paying any fee.

Does insurance cover couples therapy?

Individuals who want to have private health insurance can include couples therapy in their policies in addition to the main coverage. Psychological support services include couple therapy support, which is also covered by some insurance companies. You can secure your health with the psychological support package, which is especially suitable for people who are in a busy working life, have a stressful life and have psychological problems. You can also choose the psychological support service, which you can request to be added to the policy as an additional service for yourself, for your spouse and children. So does insurance cover couples therapy?

In addition to the main guarantees, there is a psychologist examination service in the couple therapy support insurance package. However, depending on the insurance company, the first appointment of the psychologist sessions included in the couple therapy support service included in the insurance policy is covered by the insurance. In other appointments, it is possible to benefit from a discount if the insurance company offers it.

Psychiatric examination for couple therapy is also covered by the insurance company with the inclusion of psychological support service in the policy. Therefore, you do not need to pay any fees for couple therapy. As with psychologist examinations, the first session of psychiatry appointments is covered by the insurance company and it is possible to benefit from a discount in the following sessions.

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