How to get insurance on a car?

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How to get insurance on a car? If you have decided to take out car insurance, you may be wondering the answer to the question “How to get insurance on a car?” Since car insurance alone is not enough to protect vehicles, automobile insurance is an effective way to insure your vehicle. However, it is very important to choose the right insurance company at this point. Otherwise, the issue of finding safe insurance coverage for your vehicle can turn into hell.

Each of the dozens of different insurance companies that provide car insurance services have policies prepared in line with their own methods. In case of any breakdown or damage, the importance of finding the best insurance company becomes clear once again, as car insurance saves you from the financial burden. It may seem difficult for you to choose the best car insurance company, as the number of insurance companies that insure is quite large. But by doing a comprehensive research, you can get insurance from the most advantageous insurance company for you.

Premiums payable in car insurance are freely determined by each insurance company. In other words, each insurance company creates its own tariff as a result of its own actuarial work. However, insurance contracts determined by the insurance company for vehicles or drivers with the same risk must be drawn up on the same premium.

Insurance On A Car

Car insurance, which is one of the types of insurance, helps you to insure the bodily and material damages caused by traffic accidents. The scope of traffic insurance can be expanded according to the additional guarantees added to the policy. With Insurance Volume, you can protect yourself against all negative conditions by getting information about the most advantageous insurance offers.

Car insurance ensures that the compensation that the person causing the accident is obliged to pay is paid by the insurance company under the policy. Coverage of the policy reduces the financial loss of the vehicle owner in case of accidents that may occur during both city and intercity travels. In the event of a faulty accident, the policy; It can cover large-scale financial expenses such as material damage, disability, third party disability, death, attorney’s expenses.

Choosing the most comprehensive policy in accordance with the characteristics of the car means minimizing the financial loss in case of being involved in an accident. In the event of an accident, treatment costs may cause problems if the other driver and other passengers do not have insurance.

How to get insurance on a car?

  • The first step in getting car insurance is to get a policy quote with optional additional premiums.
  • While preparing your offer, the traffic insurance price premium calculation is made. Different factors are taken into account when making this calculation. The age of the vehicle you drive, make, model, state of registration, age of the owner of the vehicle and no damage discount are taken into account.
  • In order to get a personalized insurance offer, the license plate, license and information about the owner of the vehicle, as well as the specific information about the vehicle, are the fields that must be filled.
  • If available, you can make your traffic insurance deadline, accident report, traffic fine inquiry and damage record inquiry over the internet by entering your Citizenship ID number and plate information, and you can be informed about your situation before receiving an insurance offer.
  • After entering the correct and confirmed information in the required fields, you will see various policy types belonging to different companies.
  • After choosing the insurance offer suitable for your vehicle, you can make your payment using internet banking and get your traffic insurance in a practical way.
  • After purchasing, your policy will reach your e-mail address. Thus, you can safely store your policy in the digital environment.

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Car Insurance Before Buying a Car

Can you get car insurance without a license? Before buying a car, you must have compulsory car insurance. When you buy a brand new car, you can take out car insurance directly. Apart from this, if you have purchased a second-hand car, you must have your car’s vehicle insurance within 15 days after the sales approval procedures in the relevant units.

1. How do I get car insurance before I buy a car?

The duration and procedure for obtaining car insurance on a newly purchased vehicle are different for new vehicles. Compulsory car insurance for brand new cars that will be on the road for the first time is taken out by the dealership or dealer where you bought the car. For this reason, after purchasing a new vehicle, you should definitely check whether the vehicle insurance is made or not.

2. How do I get car insurance before I buy a second hand car?

When purchasing a used car, the responsibility of obtaining compulsory car insurance belongs to the person who will buy the vehicle. Therefore, after purchasing a used car, you have 15 days to take out compulsory car insurance. By the way, if the vehicle insurance, which is obligatory to be taken out by the previous owner of the vehicle, has not expired yet, this insurance will be valid for 15 days.

If your vehicle is involved in any traffic accident during this period, the costs incurred will be covered by the insurance already made. However, the vehicle insurance taken out by the previous vehicle owner cannot be transferred to the new vehicle owner. Before buying a used car, it is absolutely necessary to check whether the car has ongoing insurance. The previous owner of the car must cancel their current car insurance at the time of purchase. After the car transfer process in the relevant units, you should take out car insurance again.

3. Is There a Penalty for Not Having a Used Car Insurance?

When you buy a second-hand vehicle, you are obliged to have vehicle insurance within the 15-day period given to you. Even though the 15-day period has expired, if you have not yet taken out your traffic insurance, your vehicle will be temporarily banned from traffic and parked. On top of that, you will be penalized for not having compulsory car insurance.

To get your vehicle out of the parking area, you must have compulsory vehicle insurance. After this process, you can receive your vehicle by paying the fine and parking fee for your vehicle. You can find up-to-date information about compulsory car insurance on the websites of the official departments of your country.

What documents do I need to get insurance on a car?

Car insurance is a type of insurance that covers the damages of the other party in the event of a possible accident, and it is legally required to be taken out for traffic. The documents required when purchasing traffic insurance are as follows:

  • Citizenship Identification Number
  • Serial number of vehicle registration
  • License plate number of the vehicle
  • Vehicle brand
  • Vehicle type
  • Intended use of the vehicle

Required Documents When Buying Traffic Insurance Online

  • Name and surname information
  • Citizenship identification number
  • Email address
  • Vehicle registration serial number
  • Vehicle plate number
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