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Detailed info about Metromile Insurance claims phone number, how to cancel Metromile Insurance, claims emails, customer service and login. Metromile insurance claims phone number, email, login and cancel procedures have been frequently searched lately. For this reason, those who want to take out insurance want to reach Metromile’s phone number and other contact information. In this article, we wanted to help you with the phone number, address and all the other details for insurance claims.

Metro mile is a very suitable company for insurance claims. Those who prefer Metro mile Insurance to benefit from insurance services can easily reach the company from their phone number, app and address information.

Metromile Auto Insurance

Metromile comprehensive auto insurance pays coverage to repair or replace your vehicle in the event your vehicle is damaged by a natural disaster such as a flood, fire, hail disaster, or anything that is not an animal or collision. In comprehensive auto insurance, packages are often sold with collision coverage. That’s why the concepts of “comprehensive and collision” came together at Metromile Auto Insurance. State law does not require auto insurance. However, if your auto is rented or financed by someone, the person who provided the auto will want you to have comprehensive coverage with Metromile.

Apart from these, auto insurance coverage also protects you against loss in case of vehicle theft. Therefore, technology designed for Metromile’s auto insurance helps you with vehicle tracking and protection systems. Metromile’s auto insurance operates on a pay-per-mile model.

Metromile’s pay-per-mile system is as protective as the reliable coverage you’d get from any other auto insurance company. However, with Metromile Auto Insurance, you make your payments according to your driving frequency, per mile covered. This gives you the privilege of getting the same service you would get from other auto insurance companies, more economically from Metromile. When you drive less frequently, you pay less for your auto insurance. Metromile is a customer satisfaction oriented insurance policy that provides auto insurance, superior protection for your vehicle and big savings for your pocket.

Metromile Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance insurance can help you when you get into a difficult driving situation. You may have a flat tire, run out of gas, need a quick start, or need help when your vehicle is locked. Roadside assistance insurance is not required by law. But it is a relatively low-cost option and useful coverage.

With Metromile, you can save on your auto insurance coverage. Roadside assistance with a pay-per-mile system works the same as any other roadside assistance coverage. And if you get your auto insurance with Metromile roadside assistance, you can save up to $741 per year. Coverages:

  • Tire Burst
  • Loss of Vehicle Key
  • Quick start with battery
  • Fast gas distribution
  • Post-breakdown towing service

Metromile Renters Insurance

There are two types of renters insurance. Renters auto insurance means auto insurance for rental cars. It protects you from the financial risks arising from the damage of a rental car while you are using it.

This type of renter’s Metromile auto insurance is almost always offered by the rental car agency itself. However, sometimes there is no need to obtain additional guarantees. Some credit cards include renters’ auto protections. In many cases, your personal Metromile auto insurance can be extended to cover your rental car.

Renters’ auto insurance also refers to rental return coverage, which is an auto insurance policy option. If you have an accident that renders the car unusable, the rental car rental is refundable. (up to daily limit)

With Metromile you can get reliable auto insurance under renters car insurance. In such a case, your premium payments will probably be less.

Metromile Customer Service

1. Metromile Insurance Claims Phone Number and Metromile App

Metromile Insurance claims phone number is 888-595-5485. In addition to the insurance request phone number to reach MM; You can also use the Metromile app (IOS or Android).

The Metromile app is very useful for insured customers who pay premiums per mile. Also, in order to use the Metromile app, you must also have an insurance record. If you are not yet a pay-per-mile customer and want to know how the application looks, you can download the app, which is compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems. Apart from these, according to the company’s statements, updates are continuing so that non-customers can use the Metromile app soon.

The app is very useful to get detailed information about your insurance and to benefit from many features. In addition to digital insurance cards, the Metromile app has many features such as vehicle health monitoring and allocating roadside assistance.

2. Metromile Claims Email and Fax Number

You can get information from Metromile about the issues you want to consult, by calling the Metromile Insurance customer service phone number, using the claims fax number (415-484-7702) or by claims email. You can reach the email addresses of different departments for Metromile Insurance Claims Mailing Address and other important issues from the list below. Your email will be answered quickly by the Metromile Insurance Claims representative within customer service hours.

  • Metromile Insurance Claims Email for Annual Notifications:
  • General Representative Email:
  • Metromile Insurance Claims Email for Deposit Communication:
  • Consumer Complaint Line Email:
  • Metromile Disaster/Disaster Coordination Email:
  • Metromile Insurance Claims Information Email:
  • P&C Form and Filing Email:
  • Domestic/Foreign States Local Office Email:
  • Licensing Insurance Claims Email:
  • Compliance/Gvmt Relationships Email:
  • Metromile Insurance Premium Tax Email:
  • Email for Company Licenses/Fees:
  • Metromile Policy Inquiry Email:

3. Metromile Login

Another very useful platform of the company is the website. Metromile customers can use their email addresses and passwords to login to the website. On the website you can find all the useful features and menus, just like in the app. You can review your auto insurance, policy agreement, membership, pay per mile and user information.

For Metromile login page, click here

4. Metromile Insurance Address

  • Boston: 93 Summer Street, # 501, Boston, MA 02110, US
  • Tempe: 1501 W Fountainhead Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85282, US
  • San Francisco: 425 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, US

How to cancel Metromile Insurance?

Customers who take out Metromile auto insurance pay premiums per mile and have a very high quality policy process. However, Metromile, which puts customer satisfaction above all else, has the right to cancel their insurance when they think they are not suitable for them. With Metromile, insurance can be canceled quite easily. If you want to cancel your insurance, simply contact Metromile and request a cancellation. You can also cancel your insurance at Metromile without paying a cancellation fee. Because insurance cancellation is free with Metromile.

There are several methods you can follow to find an answer to the question of how to cancel Metromile Insurance and to submit your Metromile Insurance claims when necessary.

  • Cancel Metromile with claims phone number: 888-595-5485.
  • Cancel Metromile with emails:,,
  • Use Metromile Login Page
  • Cancel Metromile with use the Metromile app IOS or Android

Metromile Insurance Review of Costs

Metro mile insurance cost is calculated per mile traveled. Therefore, when you buy policy with Metromile, the cost is charged per mile traveled. With the definition of “pay-per-mile insurance“, MM Insurance cost is collected by customizing your fee according to your driving habits. So if you drive less, you have to pay less insured.

Accordingly, let’s look at how much a user who is covered by traditional auto insurance pays. Conventional auto insurance has many disadvantages for many users. Therefore, drivers who take out traditional auto insurance pay much more in terms of insurance.

However, the cost of in Metro mile is based on a pay-per-mile system. When you take out auto insurance, your insurance cost will vary completely according to your driving habits. This means more customization and fairer pricing.

Those who are included in the system that MM uses to collect the insurance cost can save approximately 50% compared to other vehicle insurances.

Does Metromile Insurance have home insurance?

Those who want to take out home insurance and insure their homes with MM are increasing day by day. For this, you may want to learn about Metromile’s home insurance advantages, learn about prices and evaluate opportunities.

If you want to take out home insurance with MM, we must first state the following: Unfortunately, MM does not have a product such as home insurance. However, in the future, MM may offer a product such as home insurance. So follow us to stay up to date with the latest information.

Our article will be updated very soon by adding the following topics. Stay tuned with us. Insurance Volume is there for you!