What does Allstate comprehensive insurance cover?

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What does Allstate comprehensive insurance cover?

Allstate comprehensive insurance packages are a new product that provides protection against damages that may occur as a result of collision/collision in the car and risks such as fire and theft that may occur outside the control of the insured. In addition, the product coverage can be optionally expanded with the natural disaster coverage package and 3rd party liability additional guarantees.

What does Allstate comprehensive insurance cover?

Comprehensive insurance coverage can be considered as a narrowed motor insurance. Supplementary traffic insurance, which includes only some of the conditions covered by motor vehicle insurance; Therefore, it is more affordable. Complementary traffic insurance coverages may differ in insurance companies and the packages they offer. But in general, Allstate comprehensive insurance coverages are as follows:

  • Roadside assistance: With this coverage, the insured who stay on the road can benefit from the towing service in case of an accident, breakdown, tire burst or fuel run out.
  • Voluntary liability: Compulsory traffic insurance covers the other party’s losses up to a certain limit in case of an accident. This limit can be increased up to $250,000 with the supplementary traffic insurance voluntary liability coverage. Thus, in cases where the limit in the compulsory traffic insurance policy is not met, this coverage comes into play and the insured is secured.
  • Vehicle maintenance: With this guarantee, certain maintenance services can be provided to the vehicle free of charge at certain points; Extra discounts can be obtained for some transactions.
  • Extra assistant: Some situations such as a spare vehicle in case of an accident, a local taxi fee up to a certain limit after an accident or towing service in a short time are covered by the extra assistant coverage.

Allstate Comprehensive Crash Pack

Collision covers the damage to your vehicle as a result of the collision. Coverage Content:

  • Multiplication, Distortion
  • Fire, Theft
  • Personal Accident, Legal Protection
  • Terrorism


  • Protection up to the cost of the car
  • Fixed price depending on traffic level and vehicle price
  • Installment on credit card
  • Possibility of repair at authorized services with the service type option

Additional services

  • Roadside assistance
  • Substitute vehicle
  • Mini repair
  • Free land ambulance
  • The insured vehicle must be in operation (in motion) covered by the compulsory traffic insurance and the relevant damage must be documented with an “Accident Detection Report” or an official report (Police Memorandum).

Comprehensive Natural Disaster Package

Covers damage to your vehicle as a result of natural disasters. Ease of payment with a fixed price of 200 Dollars. Coverage Content:

  • Earthquake
  • Full
  • Flood
  • Flooding
  • Storm


  • It can be taken alone thanks to its modular structure.
  • Damage payment without exemption
  • 6 months installment on credit card

Comprehensive Liability Package

In cases where car insurance limits are not sufficient, it is taken in addition to the Comprehensive Collision Package and/or the Comprehensive Natural Disaster Package. There is a fixed price advantage of 75 dollars. With the optional package, the material or bodily damages that you may cause to the other party with your vehicle are also secured with a limit of 100,000 dollars. Coverage Content:

  • $100,000 additional IMM coverage


  • Additional protection against material and bodily damage
  • $75 fixed price
  • Fixed Price Advantage (Thanks to the fixed price advantage depending on the traffic level and the vehicle price, you can choose the most suitable package for your needs and have the security you need at the prices.)

Is Allstate a good insurance company?

There are some points to consider when choosing a good insurance company:

  • The motor insurance company needs to understand your needs and wishes and offer you the most suitable insurance.
  • You need to research the company you will work for well while taking out comprehensive insurance.
  • Working with a reliable company when taking out comprehensive insurance provides many advantages.
  • You can reach the right result in choosing a company by learning under which conditions the basic and additional guarantees are valid.
  • When choosing between motor insurance companies, you should primarily look at the guarantees that the companies offer you, not the prices.
  • By doing a detailed research, you can reach an agreement with an insurance company that can meet your needs and has a wide range of services.
  • You can find out the reliability of the company that you have made insurance by researching through different channels.
  • Another important point in choosing an automobile insurance company is the speed of the company in solving problems.

Here Allstate has all the features to consider when choosing a good insurance company. Therefore, Allstate is a good insurance company with its insurance coverage and customer satisfaction oriented working principle.